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Google PPC Ads


Google PPC Ads are Best for...

Best For

Businesses that want steady and predictable growth because they provide a consistent flow of potential customers. 


Because Google ads target those who are looking for your service, they are more likely to convert to customers – often a 30%-40% close rate. 


Google PPC ads offer extremely high value, so they often require a moderate to large budget.


Business owners that spend $1,000+ per month on the ads alone are likely to see the best results.

Pros and Cons of Google PPC Ads

  • Reliable results

  • You rank above your competition

  • Consistent Pipeline of Potential clients

  • Target only those who need your services

  • Offer relatively quick results (1-3 months)

  • Higher conversion rates than other advertising

  • Easy to track results and know what your dollar will get you


  • Difficult to do on your own

  • Can lead to a lot of wasted money if not done right

  • Takes a lot of time to set up and maintain

  • Requires constant maintenance to ensure top performance

  • Requires a moderate to large budget

  • Only generates results as long as you are paying

  • Requires moderate web design


Pros and Cons

How Google PPC Ads Work

How Works

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are what appear at the top of a Google page when someone searches for a service in their area. 

Forge Marketing Group - Google PPC Example.png

As mentioned, the ads are only shown to people who are searching for the service you are offering.


The ads are displayed to the right people based on the keywords your ad is set to show for. 


Because the ads target people who are actively searching for the service you offer, the potential customers you receive from these ads are more likely to become customers.


Someone who sees the ad is often given two options: the ability to call the number on the ad and the ability to click on the link provided on the ad. 


If someone calls, they will get in touch with whoever’s number you provide. 


If someone clicks on the link, they are brought to a webpage that will prompt them to submit their information for a quote on their desired service.

Forge Markting Group - Landing Page Example - Lawn Care.png

Note: It's important for this webpage to be set up in a specific way, so the potential client can learn what they need before submitting their information AND so Google will favor your ads. 


Yes, Google chooses favorites, and if your webpage isn’t “up to snuff,” your ads will cost more to run and will not appear at the top of the Google page. 


Once someone either submits a form on your webpage or gives you a call, the job of the Google PPC ads is done. 


But what’s with the PPC? Pay Per Click (PPC) means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ads.


At first glance, it seems like you’re getting a deal, but that’s not the case. 


You WANT someone to click on your ads, therefore, you’ll have to Pay Per those Clicks.


In many cases, PPC works against people who aren’t sure how to run the ads because they often target the wrong people. 


Imagine if you’re ONLY offering Lawn Mowing services, but you target people who are looking for Landscaping Services.


They might click on your ad thinking they’ll be able to request landscaping services only to find that you only offer lawn mowing. 


In this scenario, you would’ve paid for that person’s click even though they weren’t even a potential client. 


This is why it’s important to read up on how to run Google PPC Ads properly OR to hire a professional. 

Google PPC Ads Use Case

Here's how we got a lawn care client 275 new customers in one year using Google PPC Ads.


Our client was working with HomeAdvisor and Valpak to get non-exclusive leads with a <25% close rate. He wanted a reliable and consistent source of potential customers who would be easier to convert.


We recommended using Google PPC ads to create a consistent and exclusive pipeline of potential customers who wanted lawn care services.



New Customers in 1 Year


Close Rate on the Leads


Impressions (Ad Views)


Clicks in 1 Year


Ad Spend for the Year

Use Case

Our Google PPC Ads Service Details

Service Details
  • Service Term: Monthly

  • Invoicing: Monthly

  • Average Pricing: $1,200 - $2,000 / Month

  • Service Components:

    • Google Account and Campaign Configuration

    • Campaign Planning

    • Google Ad Group Management

    • Ad Spend Budgeting and Management

    • Ad Copywriting

    • Landing Page Creation and Maintenance

    • Keyword Management

    • Negative Keyword Management

    • Ad and Quality Score Optimization

    • Performance Tracking

    • Weekly Performance Reporting (via Email)

    • 2 Check-In Calls / Month

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