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We Helped Our Lawn Care Client Upsell 180 Customers in 1 Year Using Email Marketing

  • Lawn care client in Winder, Georgia

  • 14+ years of experience

  • Services offered:

    • Fertilization and weed control

    • Lawn mowing,

    • Mulch and pine straw Installation

    • Tree limbing

  • $2,000 / month marketing budget

Client Details


Our client . . .

  • Had a lot of mowing customers but wanted more fertilization and weed control customers. 

  • Wanted to increase revenue generated per client.

  • Was looking for ways to sell services during the off season. 

Solution and Implementation

We recommended using email marketing to upsell the fertilization and weed control service as well as seasonal services to existing customers. 

Our team . . .

  • Worked with the customer service team of the client’s CRM (Service Autopilot) to enable the email marketing feature.

  • Grouped the customers by service, so we could send targeted emails. 

  • Excluded customers who indicated that they did not want to receive advertisements. 

  • Worked with the client to create a schedule for the email ads (3 emails per month).

  • Drafted flyers and email copy for both the fertilization and weed control ads as well as seasonal service ads. 

  • Linked the email flyers and copy to the landing page we created for our client’s online ads. 

  • Sent the draft ads to the client for review and feedback. 

  • Configured the emails inside the marketing feature of the Service Autopilot CRM.

  • Sent test emails to the client for final review.

  • Scheduled the email ads to deliver accordingly.


  • Since it was our first time using the email marketing feature of Service Autopilot, we had to work with their customer service team to find and enable the marketing feature. 

  • Our client had to give us certain permissions in the CRM so we could perform the email marketing service (which was another call to the customer service team).

  • Some customers were double-entered into the CRM or tagged incorrectly, so we worked with the client to do minor CRM contact cleaning. 



New Transactions in 1 Year


Transactions Per Email


Emails Sent Per Month


Total Ad Spend in 1 Year

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