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We Got Our Lawn Care Client 30 Job Applicants in 2 Weeks Using Facebook Ads

  • Lawn care client in Winder, Georgia

  • 14+ years of experience

  • Services offered:

    • Fertilization and weed control

    • Lawn mowing,

    • Mulch and pine straw Installation

    • Tree limbing

  • $2,000 / month marketing budget

Client Details


Our client . . .

  • Needed to hire 3 employees to keep up with the new business and to replace an employee. 

  • Was in a rush to hire because he wouldn’t be able to meet the demand of existing customers or take on new business with the current number of employees. 

  • Was not finding any luck using indeed and was actually losing money on the platform. 

  • Wanted employees that were within a 30-minute drive of the office and storage space.

  • Had these hiring needs during the national employee shortage in 2020.

Solution and Implementation

We recommended trying Facebook ads to recruit local talent.

Our team . . .

  • Designed the ad flyer and wrote the ad copy. 

  • Wrote the job description and requirements. 

  • Made a landing page on the website where applicants could submit their information. 

  • Set up the ad in Facebook ads manager. 

  • Targeted people living in a 15-mile radius of the client’s office.

  • Published and monitored the ad. 


  • This was a new idea our team had as a result of our client’s needs. If we hadn't asked if our client had any problems to solve, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try it!

  • Because we had never run ads for employment, we had to learn Facebook’s rules and regulations for running this type of ad. 

  • Since this was a new concept, we could not accurately predict the results we would get.



Applicants in 2 Weeks


Employees Hired


Alternates Recruited


Total Ad Spend

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