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We Got Our Client 275 New Customers in 1 Year Using Google PPC Ads

  • Lawn care client in Winder, Georgia

  • 14+ years of experience

  • Services offered:

    • Fertilization and weed control

    • Lawn mowing,

    • Mulch and pine straw Installation

    • Tree limbing

  • $2,000 / month marketing budget

Client Details


Our client . . .

  • Was working with HomeAdvisor and Valpak to get non-exclusive leads with a <25% close rate.

  • Wanted a reliable and consistent source of new customers that would be easier to convert. 

  • Needed to get new clients in Winder and surrounding areas (HomeAdvisor and Valpak did not reach those areas because they’re not major towns).

  • Wanted to increase the number of fertilization and weed control sales.

Solution and Implementation

We recommended using Google PPC ads to create a consistent and exclusive pipeline of potential customers who wanted lawn care services.

Our team . . .

  • Set up a new Google ads account for our client. 

  • Targeted Winder and the surrounding towns. 

  • Set a shared budget among the ad campaigns to stay on budget. 

  • Created campaigns promoting fertilization and weed control as well as lawn mowing. 

  • Optimized the Google ad components landing page, keywords list, negative keywords list) to get a good quality score rating from Google. 

  • Created a landing page with a form for potential customers to request quotes.

  • Set the landing page to automatically email the client’s sales rep when a potential customer submitted a quote request. 

  • Adjusted the campaigns and added to the negative keywords list according to ad delivery. 

  • Provided the client with a weekly ad performance report. 

  • Met with the client bi-weekly to review ad performance, discuss additional needs, and answer questions.


  • Since we built all new campaigns, they took 1-2 months to mature and produce consistent, predictable results. 

  • During that time, the ads received some clicks from irrelevant consumers, and the average cost per click was higher than normal.

  • To address these roadblocks, we continued to add negative keywords to the keywords list based on searches associated with the ads. 

  • We also followed all optimization suggestions from Google.



New Customers in 1 Year


Close Rate on the Leads


Impressions (Ad Views)


Ad Clicks


Ad Spend for the Year

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