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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents - Click the questions below to view the answers. 

Table of Contents

Does Forge require annual or long-term contracts?


We are confident in our abilities to deliver results and value, so we do not lock you into long-term contracts of any kind. You may cancel at any time by sending a written confirmation via email.

How often does Forge meet with clients to discuss progress, questions, and plans?


For strategic marketing, online presence management, and campaign management services, the Forge Team Lead that is assigned to you will conduct weekly meetings to discuss reports, questions, challenges, and progress.


For website design projects, members of our team will meet with you at specified milestones within the project. The team member that meets with you will vary depending on the milestone (e.g. website designer for the mock-up milestone or a content writer for the text creation milestone).

Does Forge offer frequent reporting or a reporting dashboard?


We provide weekly and monthly reports using a mix of Looker Studio, Google Analytics, Semrush, Meta Ads Manager, and Google Sheets. 


The reports come in the form of a PDF document, but if you prefer an interactive dashboard, we will give you access to the interactive report within Looker Studio.


Reports and campaign performance will be discussed during your weekly meeting with your Forge Team Lead.

Do clients maintain ownership of their websites and other materials if they stop working with Forge?


We do not believe in holding any websites, accounts, campaigns, content, etc. hostage if you decide to part ways with Forge. You will immediately receive admin access to any account that we create for you, and maintain complete ownership of the accounts, websites, campaigns, content, etc. that we create for you. 


We do not use proprietary software to create websites, conduct campaigns, create content, or run reports; so your team or another agency can easily pick up where we left off if you choose to cancel with Forge.

Who do clients contact if a campaign or project has a problem or needs adjustments? 


If your campaign or project has a problem or needs adjustments, you can contact Team Lead that is assigned to you via phone or email. If your Team Lead’s performance is not exceeding expectations, you may reach out to Forge’s owner at any time via phone or email. 

Is the Forge team willing to work with a marketing manager or an existing agency?


We enthusiastically welcome collaboration between your existing marketing talent and our team. We fill in wherever is needed and can work alongside your internal marketing team or your existing agency. 


Many projects and campaigns often require collaboration between Forge and our clients, so it is extremely helpful to have someone dedicated to the marketing arm of your business or organization who can meet with us regularly, review and approve drafts, and sign off on decisions.

How much does Forge’s services cost?


Our service budget typically ranges from $1,800 - $15,000 per month depending on the type, scale, and complexity of the work we are brought on to do. On average, clients can expect to spend between $2,500 - $5,000 per month on our services.

How does Forge charge for its services?


We will set a monthly service budget with you that is based on the amount of work you need our team to do in the given month. 


For example: Our monthly service budget might be $1,800 if it’s determined that you need Facebook ad management and website management for a single-location business. If you needed Facebook ad management, website management, and SEO for a business with 3 locations, then our monthly service budget might be $7,000 per month. 


This monthly service budget can expand and contract to meet your needs, objectives, goals, seasonality, and etc. Since we bill monthly, we have the ability to adjust the service budget accordingly. 


With most clients, our service budget remains constant for several months at a time and will expand and contract due to seasonality.

Does Forge offer a la carte services?


Unless it is a website design project or a client has a specific gap in their team that they need to fill, we usually do not offer services in isolation from others. Most campaigns involve a mix of services in order to achieve maximum performance. 


For example: A successful Facebook ad campaign will require the work of a graphic designer or video editor for the ad creative, a content writer for the ad caption, a Facebook ad specialist for ad set up and monitoring, and a website developer for website updates and landing page set up. If the account hasn’t had any posts for several months, then a social media manager would also need to create and publish content to the page to improve the results of the paid Facebook ad campaign. 


As the example shows, there are a lot of pieces, talents, and sub-services involved in something as seemingly simple as a Facebook ad campaign. If we were to offer a la carte services, then we’d be doing our clients a disservice by offering an incomplete product.

Does the cost of Forge’s services include ad spend?


Our monthly service budget does not include ad spend (money that is paid directly to the ad platform such as Meta or Google). Given the size of our service budget, clients are typically spending over $2,000 per month in ad spend for the costs to make sense.

Is Forge’s service cost based on a client’s ad spend?


No, we do not base our service budget on a percentage of your ad spend. This is because we do not want you to have to wonder whether we recommend you increase ad spend because we want to get paid more or because we actually think it will improve the campaign’s performance. 

How is ad spend managed on behalf of clients?


When setting up the ad accounts, we will plug your payment information directly into the ad platform (e.g. Google or Meta) so that ad spend is directly charged to your card. 


This adds a level of transparency, so you know exactly how much money is going towards ad spend. 


We’ve spoken with many businesses who have paid agencies both their service fees and ad spend only to wonder how much actually went towards ad spend.

Are clients able to change the services based on their needs or seasonality?


Yes, a client may change the set of services Forge delivers based on your needs, objectives, goals, seasonality, and etc. Because we conduct weekly meetings to discuss progress, changes, and plans, we can change our services, approach, and strategy pretty quickly.

Can Forge manage a client’s website (e.g. make plugin updates, edit content, etc.)?


Yes, in most cases, our monthly service budget includes website management by default. Since most ad campaigns point back to a website or web page, we want to ensure that it is up to date and is performing properly before we launch the campaign. 

Where is the Forge team located?


Our entire team is based in the U.S. but is 100% remote. We are technically headquartered in Morehead, Kentucky, but we’ve got teammates as far west as Utah and as far north as Connecticut.

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