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We Helped Our Lawn Care Client Boost Organic Traffic by 81 Percent in 10 Months 

  • Lawn care client in Georgia

  • 19+ years of experience

  • Services offered:

    • Fertilization and weed control

    • Mosquito control

  • $9,000 / month marketing budget

Client Details


Our client…

  • Wanted to improve rankings for weed control and lawn care searches. 

  • Needed to begin appearing in searches for mosquito control services.

  • Served about 40 cities and wanted to increase online presence in each. 

  • Wanted to increase the amount of website traffic coming from Google searches. 

  • Was having technical issues with the website that were hurting SEO efforts. 

Solution and Implementation

We recommended our SEO services to improve their rankings for relevant search terms and to increase their organic traffic. 

  • Our team . . .

  • Audited the website for technical issues that inhibited navigation by website visitors and search engine crawlers.

  • Conducted a competitive analysis to identify differences in keyword rankings, SEO strategies, website layouts, ranking factors, etc.

  • Researched and aggregated keywords that related to the client’s services. 

  • Fixed a major pagination error that was negatively impacting SEO efforts. 

  • Created meta-data to include primary and secondary keywords.

  • Updated meta descriptions to include primary and secondary keywords.

  • Added 56 missing meta descriptions. 

  • Changed duplicate page titles and meta descriptions.

  • Edited meta titles to include primary and secondary keywords and to fit within character limits.

  • Fixed broken internal links.

  • Resolved 4xx code pages.

  • Resolved 500+ pages of unminified CSS and 500+ pages of unminified JavaScript.

  • Created 40 pages targeting each of the prioritized cities. 

  • Wrote and published 15 blogs targeting searches relating to mosquito control. 

  • Wrote and published 24 blogs targeting searches relating to lawn care. 


  • Our client’s website was hosted by a provider that could not share access to their server, so we had to reprioritize our SEO actions to work around those that required server access. 

  • The pagination issue that had a negative impact on SEO efforts was a unique and difficult problem to solve. Through discussion and troubleshooting between 3 members of our team, we were able to resolve the issue and prevent it from happening again. 




Increase in Organic Clicks from 2022 Peak Season to 2023 Peak Season


Increase in Organic Impressions from 2022 Peak Season to 2023 Peak Season


Improvement in Average Search Ranking Position from 2022 Peak Season to 2023 Peak Season


Of the 195 Keywords Being Tracked Place our Client in the Top 10 Search Results

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