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Website Design for Service-Based Businesses

Get a website that'll help you sell. 


Your Website Is Important

Your website will serve as the cornerstone of your digital presence, so we understand that it must effectively:


Answer FAQs of potential customers.


Build trust and credibility.


Differentiate your business from competitors.


Assist in the selling process.


Showcase your work with photos or case studies.


Nurture leads into customers.


Reflect your business’s values and philosophy. 


Adhere to SEO best practices. 

Don’t Settle for Less

There are tons of website design businesses that build beautiful and functional websites, but very few will build websites with SALES of services in mind. 

This shows in the limited amount of information and compelling sales copy they include on the websites they build. Yes, your website should look good and reflect your brand, but it shouldn’t stop there. 

All Websites Made by Forge. . .


Work well on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 


Are built with sales of services in mind. 


Provide content that's helpful for potential customers. 


Follow SEO best practices and Google quality standards


Implement compelling sales copy and calls to action. 


Are easy to navigate and to read quickly.

The Website Design Process

Whether you need a new website built from scratch or an existing website re-designed, our seamless design process is the same. 





Meet with a member of the Forge team via Zoom to discuss your business and target customers, to review example and inspiration websites, and to determine what actions you want customers to take on your website. 





The Forge team will set up a shared folder to gather all information that will be helpful in writing copy for the website including service details, biographies, testimonials, etc. The shared folder will also be used to house any media (logos, photos, videos, etc.) that could be used. 





Once all the necessary information and media are collected, the Forge Team will begin to draft all the text and content for the website. They will also develop first drafts of a few web pages to get your initial feedback. 





As draft text, content, and web pages are approved, the Forge team will develop a complete and fully-functional website. Forge will connect the website to your domain name and will also install Google Analytics to the website. 





Once the fully-functional website is complete, a member of the Forge team will meet with you via Zoom to walk-through the website to identify and discuss edits. Forge will complete all edits to the website before officially ending the website design process. 


To limit the amount of hassle clients must face in order to maintain the website once it’s built, Forge usually builds websites in Wix. By using Wix, clients won't have to periodically update plugins, security measures, or other website backend components to keep the website working.

What platform is used to build the websites?

From start to finish, the website design process usually takes 4 - 8 weeks. The timeline depends on several factors including on the size of the website, how readily available service information and media are, and how quickly feedback is provided. 

How long does the website design process take?

The best way to prepare for the website design process is to type up a document that includes all details about your service offerings, information about your business and what makes it different from your competitors, specific examples of how your business helped customers. 

How can I be prepared for the website design process?

In addition to the annual $10 - $30 fee to host your website's domain name, a monthly fee of $20 - $30 will be charged by Wix. This covers their constant updates, the SSL certification, and website hosting. Though WordPress is seemingly free, you end up saving money with Wix. 

Are there any ongoing costs associated with the website?

Forge will send an invoice for half of the website design price prior to the official start of the project. It is to be paid before Forge begins the project. A second invoice will be sent following the completion of edits discussed in the final walkthrough. Both invoices must be paid in order to gain ownership of your website. 

How will my business be billed for the website design service?

It will depend on the 3rd party platform and how you would like it to interact with the website. Some platforms can be embedded in the website while others will have to be accessed through an outbound link from the website. If you want to integrate a 3rd party tool with your website, please mention it during the consultation. 

Can you add 3rd party tools like a CRM or scheduling software to the website?

Forge website design projects start at $2,500 but can increase if custom graphics, 3rd party integrations, additional pages, or special website features are needed. 

What factors determine the cost of the website design?

Yes, if you need help registering the domain name for your business, a member of the Forge team can help. We recommend registering your domain name with GoDaddy.

Can you help with the domain registration?

Yes, our team at Forge Marketing Group can work with you to select brand colors and fonts as well as to design a logo that reflects the look and feel of your business or organization. 

Do you offer logo design or branding services?

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